Second Frostings Box

Frostings Box

Frostings Box

Many bounces and squeaks of excitement…

After a trip to the post box to pay the customs charge (I’ve no idea whether the rules have changed, or whether they’ve just got a bit zealous – Tricia has always been scrupulous in declaring contents on the package), I have received my second Frostings Box from Thistle Threads.

And yes, it’s in the same glazed card box with a magnetic clasp. Sturdy, and lovely to look at!

Frostings 2 - Group 1

Frostings 2 – Group 1

At risk of making everyone drool all over their keyboards, here’s the low-down – together with some of my ideas…

There is some hand-dyed chenille (that’s destined for Placidus, if I don’t find a use for it earlier). I haven’t an immediate use for the soutache or the strawberries, but the Flower Stamens may come in handy for the Violets

Frostings 2 - Group 2

Frostings 2 – Group 2

I’m not quite so sure about the metal threads.

I’ve not got them out of their boxes to work out how to use them, but they might make embellishment on the jerkin for Placidus, or on Jason and Medea’s clothing for The Golden Fleece. Or even form parts of Egyptian jewellery for the Dreams of Amarna.

Frostings 2 - Group 3

Frostings 2 – Group 3

Finally there are two silk gimps (all on their own to the left of the picture) and a lovely selection of fine filament silk Trame. These are in some of the colours used in the Soie Ovale, but much finer, and as Tricia describes in a recent post, the whole idea here is to allow us to twist our own threads, blending colours and thicknesses to achieve the effect we want.

Music to my ears!


  1. coral-seas says:

    I was so excited to receive the Trame threads in the second Frostings box. Seeing them I could immediately image how I would use the them and it has given me fresh inspiration for my casket interior.

    Great to read your plans for some of the threads.

  2. Sue Jones says:

    Oooh, it’s like opening a chocolate box, isn’t it? The trame looks very much like my favourite Devere Yarns 06 silk. You’ve got a very useful assortment of colours and enough of each to be worth while, too. Blending and/or twisting these threads together is addictive – be warned!

  3. Penny Baugh says:

    How exciting!! The box alone is enough to get excited about, let alone all the treasures inside. Have fun!!

  4. Oh – what lovely threads …… have a lovely time creating with them!

  5. A delicious array of threads!

    Regarding the customs, apparently there is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes they pick it up, sometimes they don’t. Our sorting office once told me of someone who received two identical packages on the same day – had to pay customs duty for one and not the other!

  6. Lady Fi says:

    I bet you can do a lot with these lovely threads.

  7. jenclair says:

    What fun to both anticipate and finally receive such a wonderful treasure trove!

  8. Anita says:

    Lovely threads!!! I’m curious about Soutashe and trame threads . In the second box the gold and silver looks like braids but am not sure.Looking forward to see how and where you’ll use all these beautiful threads.

  9. Carolyn says:

    Threads, threads and more threads. How exciting. You might even just look at them and pat them occasionally.

  10. Susan says:

    Oooh, a second box! Those are all lovely additions to anyone’s stash. I do love the lid of the box, too. Lucky you!

  11. karen says:

    I love it when you get these little boxes of treasures!! It must be like Christmas….