Crazy Canvaswork Cushion – Part 10

Section Sixteen
Section Sixteen

The last section, Section Sixteen, gave me a lot of trouble. I suppose that is partly because the end was in sight, and I wasn’t quite as focused as I could have been!

I was originally looking for a crossing stitch, but every single one I tried either looked wrong, or simply failed to cover the canvas. I sent several tweets enumerating my trials, with one or two strands being too fine, and three strands too heavy, and in the end I abandoned the crossing stitches entirely.

Framed Triangle Stitch
Framed Triangle Stitch

In fact I devised my own variation on Triangle Stitch, which I’ve called Framed Triangle Stitch. I rather like the way it has turned out. It is a bit of a trial to stitch economically, but since I am attempting to reduce my stash, that is scarcely a problem!

Although I like the pattern it creates, I’ve been somewhat concerned about the scale of the pattern, which is perhaps a little too similar to the blue pattern of Section Thirteen.

However, I now have the challenge of unrolling the whole piece, blocking it, and working out how to finish the cushion.

As they say – watch this space!

14 thoughts on “Crazy Canvaswork Cushion – Part 10

  1. I’m not a needlepointer, but I do appreciate the work that goes into this. You’ve working on this for over a year now. It will be nice to see the whole thing. Your new stitch is really nice, and I have no idea how you do it!

  2. That’s a very neat little grounding pattern. The blue diagonal ‘squares’ show up well, so give it the 3D effect of looking at the blue through a white lattice, and the blocked white corners neatly avoid the need for very short stitches where the sections meet, which often look either skimpy or cramped.

  3. I’ve often felt that after the fun of working a design the assembly is a big chore!! Here’s to it all going smoothly for you

  4. you have no idea how happy i am that you are on wordpress!! I am very hopeful that this comment will post…..I love this piece, then again i love all your pieces but for some reason i feel connected to this one.

  5. I love the framed triangle stitch, it works really well and now looking forward to seeing the finished object. Hope you are pleased with it.

  6. You will have to patent your new stitch! I’m assuming by now that you will have unrolled then entire piece and will be able to see the effect of all the patches together. I hope you’re happy with the finished total result.

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