Tudor Rose Turned Into a Panel

Tudor Rose Finished
Tudor Rose (Finally) Finished

At long last I got a chance to finish up and turn the Tudor Rose into a little mounted panel. I got a local framing shop to cut me two pieces of acid free mount board, and mounted it over one of them, with a little padding to bring it to life. Then I covered the other (also with wadding) with some upholstery fabric that happened to be  to hand, and overstitched the two boards together.

View Of Edges
View Of Edges

I covered the overstitching with a ribbon trim left over from when I finally mounted Christus Natus Est (whoo-hoo, some stash busting achieved!) and then, at some length and not without difficulty, attached a fine kumihimo cord around the front edge of the panel to frame it nicely.


It will go in that famed (and so far, still mythological) Winter Decoration Corner that I keep on talking about – when I finally create it.

14 thoughts on “Tudor Rose Turned Into a Panel

  1. I immediately clicked on the photo to enlarge it to have a closer look at your beautiful stitching! It looks really good made up into a panel. Isn’t it a good feeling to finish a project!

  2. What a wonderful way to finish this design! It’s a beautiful design and your embroidery–as always–is exquisite.

  3. Just found your blog and beautiful stitching. The Tudor Rose panel is exquisite

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