Sunny days are on the way!

Sunshine Award
Sunshine Award

I was rather flattered to find that Anne wanted to give me an award. As usual, the idea is to link to the giver (which I have), say something about oneself, and then pass the award on to some other bloggers.

Hmm…now, what to say? Ah yes – I’m a true Englishwoman! How can you tell? Well, besides the customary Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry, not to mention the Norman French (that was a very long time ago, of course), I’m very proud of being one-eighth Swedish. Only the English – in my experience – are actually proud of being mongrels!

My sidebar blogroll doesn’t reflect the breadth of my reading these days, so here are a few suggestions you won’t find there…

Lunch in Paris –  Elizabeth Bard doesn’t post very often these days, but I always enjoy what she writes, and she’s given some wonderful recipe suggestions!
Silver Pebble and Thrifty Household – I’d like to thank these two ladies specifically for their Making Winter bloghop, which did much to make last winter seem more bearable!
Potter Jotter – I discovered Cathy’s blog relatively recently, and I’ve been fascinated by her ceramics inspired by patchwork – it would never have occurred to me that such a concept would be successful and yet her pieces are utterly delightful.
Finally, lest you begin to fear that I don’t actually read embroidery blogs any more, Dog Daisy Chains and Threads Across The Web – Jackie’s focus is on felt and dyed velvet, and Carol-Anne’s is primarily on Japanese embroidery. They are so different to my own that they provide continual enrichment for my creative life. Thank you, ladies!

13 thoughts on “Sunny days are on the way!

  1. Congratulations Rachel! Very sunshiney it is too! I know a couple of those blogs. Will have to take a look at the others.

  2. Thanl you so much for this award. its always a great compliment .Thank you as always for your support. I didn’t know you were so well blessed with a variety of genes!

  3. Congratulations!
    I could well believe that you are 1/8 Swedish. Something about your cheekbones.

  4. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the Making Winter project too & am thrilled to receive such a sunny award for it! (I picked up an old-fashioned book called 101 embroidery stitches last weekend & had a go on a bit of binca…it made me think of you!)

  5. Oh my goodness! I am very very late to this but thankyou SO much. I loved reading a little more about you and thankyou for the other introductions.

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