Beginning the Glittering Gentleman’s Nightcap

Transferring The Design

Transferring The Design

I’ve been looking at the kit of materials for the Glittering Gentleman’s Nightcap Course for quite some time, but since I received the finishing kit I’ve finally decided to get going.

There was quite a bit of preparation to do. There are lines of basting to help with finishing the piece when the stitching is done, and I’ve added fabric at the top and bottom, and bound the sides, to make framing up a bit easier. I invested in a Millenium frame for this project, and I wanted to be sure that I would have enough fabric at the top and bottom to work with the attachment system.

I don’t have anything that resembles a light-table, so I had to improvise. The tracing and the fabric have both been taped to a pane of the only unleaded window in the house, and I spent a careful hour or so using the Pigma pen included in the kit to trace over the pattern onto the fabric. Bear in mind, if you find yourselves applying this method – it’s a most unnatural position to be drawing in, and you will find your arm aching and your hand cramping, if you aren’t careful.

First Bud

First Bud

Second Bud

Second Bud

I also did some stitching. These are my first two attempts at Detached Buttonhole Stitch using the Gilt Sylke Twist.

Which is just as hair-raising as anything you might have read will have lead you to expect. It’s very lively and springy, and the gold spiral does sometimes break or scrunch up along the silk.

All that said, perhaps because I was prepared for it, I did not find it as troublesome as I feared, and the second bud is a marked improvement on the first, so I think I can be very pleased!


  1. Anita says:

    Of course,you should be pleased because it looks great . I think the second bud looks more precise.
    Can’t you place the design on a glass table near that window and transfer? If the lighting is bad then to transfer the design I use a glass top table with a lamp under that.

  2. Lady Fi says:

    Looks difficult. Love the texture of that second bud.

  3. Penny says:

    Oh my, I can just imagine the tracing of the pattern from that position! I LOVE this stitch, one my favorites that you’ve shown us. Its difficulty only makes it more precious. Now, tell me the story of a ‘gentleman’s nightcap’ — I’ve seen pictures of men in nightcaps but didn’t know they were so marvelously stitched.

  4. Cynthia says:

    The second bud is really nice. The detached buttonhole with the Gilt Sylke Twist is pretty fearsome. I have the kit for the Floral Glove but haven’t started it yet.

  5. Carol says:

    Very nice job! Wow, the pattern has to be traced? Yikes.

    I have serious kit envy.

  6. Have you thought about pounching the pattern? It does take a bit longer to punch all those holes but you do get a good result. As to using the window, I have a light box but often return to using th window. Day light is just so much better. Your stitching is great.

  7. Elmsley Rose says:

    Being at the advantage of having looked at a fair bit of DBS in GST, but not having experienced the terror myself (or did I do some on the Eliz sampler – will have to go look! – but certainly at not that small a scale), yes, the first bud is a bit uneven in the ‘net’ but the second bud is absolutely perfect!!! Way to go! 🙂
    “Only” unleaded window?? Oooooo…..*jealous*

  8. Ah, yes, I’ve used the arm-aching window light box too… but looks like the process will be well worth the effort. The cap itself looks stunning.

  9. coral-seas says:

    Isn’t starting a new project thrilling 🙂

    I decided to give this one a miss so I will be watching with twice as much interest. You’ve made an excellent start.

  10. Susan says:

    Thanks for the warning. I don’t have a light table either and use the window…

  11. Terrie says:

    Your embroidery and stitches are very pretty. Love viewing your posts. Thanks for your advices on my wool felt doll. Going to add eyes and post it soon.

  12. Janice says:

    I do have a light box, and I’ve also used the window. But I doubt I would have the stamina to trace through this much design up at the window! I have a particular GGG grandfather that I like to imagine wandering around in a nightcap and velvet jacket! The second bud looks great. I would have been equally happy with the first bud! 🙂

  13. Malcolm made a lightbox for me using a large Ikea poster-sized picture frame (which has plastic “glass”) He took the back off, added legs and I have a very small strip light (with cable and plug on it) which came from under a shelf on an old piece of bedroom furniture. The great advantage of having the legs is that when it’s sitting on the worktable, it’s at the perfect height for working, without having to bend too much!

  14. Jan says:

    I’m glad that YOU are the one doing all that tracing, and not me. It’s going to be spectacular when it is done. I admire your ability to take on these small, very beautiful projects. I look forward to seeing more of this piece.

  15. karen says:

    definitely pat yourself on the back…beautiful stitching and I see the difference between the first and second attempts. Normally when you express disappointment in your work and point out a difference I can’t see it….I agree with the marking out on the window comments too, very hard work on the arm.

  16. Alex says:

    That was some design to have to have traced in a vertical position!! The buds are lovely and the second one is spot on!