Another eBay Project

Dressing Table Set in Cutwork

Dressing Table Set in Cutwork

When I first discovered eBay, I bought a lot of transfers and some threads, and this dressing table set in cutwork arrived in one of the parcels, already stamped and half-heartedly started.

You’ve probably already gathered that I’m not very enthusiastic about working a one-stitch project, so I eyed it askance for a little while, but then it occurred to me that my grandmother’s dressing table would be the better for a little embellishment, and that this might make a good travelling project.

(Translation: Travelling Project –  a small, simple project that can be easily taken on visits. Sometimes I use a large project as a travelling project, if it is simple enough – for example, the initial stages of the Map of Amarna, when I had only one thread colour to use and no decisions to make)

Flower On Dressing Table Set

Flower On Dressing Table Set

More Edges on the Cutwork

More Edges on the Cutwork

I had to buy a special pair of supersharp, super narrow scissors to deal with the cutwork. Truly scary – have I made the edge strong enough or haven’t I?  The close-ups show that there were a few threads that weren’t quite properly trimmed, but they don’t show as much in real life.

And, as it turned out, I rather enjoyed keeping the buttonhole stitch close and neat, and didn’t find the project half as tedious as I feared!


  1. karen says:

    Rachel, you have finished this piece beautifully but then again I wouldn’t expect anything else.

  2. Elmsley Rose says:

    I like the stronger hues of teal and orange. You so often see this combination as a paler teal and pink.

  3. It’s very pretty, I like it!

  4. That buttonhole isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. I think concentration and practise are the key. Nice piece and I’m sure it will look lovely on the dressing table.

  5. I have found many astonishing treasures on eBay over the years. Looks like you had one here too; you did a wonderful job, as usual.

  6. It looks lovely – sometimes it’s nice to just work one stitch, so that you don’t have to concentrate so much!

  7. Lady Fi says:

    Love the colour and shape of those flowers.

  8. Janice says:

    Oh, I remember the agony of my first cutwork project! I even phoned the designer to ask if I had read the instructions right! This is very pretty, very 1930s and I’m sure will be in keeping with your grandmother’s dressing table.

  9. Very pretty indeed! And beautiful stitching as always. You have chosen two of my favourite colours as well.

  10. I have some of this stuff in the airing cupboard inherited from my mother …. but I didn’t know it was called ‘cutwork’ until now. As I say, I always learn something here! xC