The Glittering Snail – part one

The Snail Kit Has Arrived In The Post

The Snail Kit Has Arrived In The Post

You may recall that in December I wrote about the Thistle Threads project to Stitch A Snail For Storage. We’ve been away for a while, but came back to find a huge pile of post which included a jiffy bag from Thistle Threads.

Since I’ve already printed out the instructions (as soon as I ordered the kit!), I can start just as soon as I’ve gathered my wits and drawn the design on the linen. Even though the basic concept of the design is simple, it will be complicated and probably a little tricky to do, because the snail is only about an inch from nose to tail!

Tricia had two reasons for developing the kit – one was to sell something in aid of the Fashion Museum in Bath, but the other was to introduce some new threads to us. So of course, the first thing I did was to rummage through to look at the the new threads, the silk gimp and silk wrapped purl. They look highly intriguing, and I am looking forward to playing with them…


  1. karen says:

    this will be so intricate when it’s finished…good luck!!

  2. Lady Fi says:

    How charming… but quite a challenge being that small..

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your lovely work too.

  4. Janice says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your finished result, but that amount of work for something an inch long would be way too intricate for me to contemplate! Good luck!