Quietly Persevering

Adding The Fringe

Adding The Fringe

I’m in the very last stages of a very long running commission here. It’s one of the reasons my reading of blogs has been sporadic of late – I’ve been working very hard on this!

Anyway, the last stage is to add fringing all around the edge – some six metres of fringing, which is why it isn’t happening all in one go – although we will need the dining room table again soon (I don’t have a studio – I only wish I did!). And I am using the pins I won in a giveaway on Karen’s blog recently – thank you, Karen, they are working very well for this!

I’ve learnt a lot from this project about managing, planning and specifying a commission. In particular, unless you can be guaranteed no disturbances, life has a tendancy to throw in the odd curve ball and suddenly progress slows to a crawl. It took over a year to find a suitable fabric that my client and I both liked, and over six months to find the fringing. Fortunately I haven’t had a hard deadline – my client wants it finished suitably and not rushed. That makes life much easier!

I also discovered that I have a tendancy not to work on what I want to work on, unless I can put forward an over-riding reason why I should. “I’m being paid” works, but so does “I want to write it up for my blog” (now I have a blog, that is!) or “I’m learning something here”. What hasn’t worked – until recently – is “I’m enjoying it”.

Still, it’s within eyeshot of being finished, now. Another day on the fringing, and then I shall take some photos from the right side before presenting it to my client. I’ll post those after she has seen it!


  1. Jane says:

    Glad to see you’re seeing the light at the end of this project. That’s a nice bit of fringing you are using.

  2. karen says:

    can’t wait to see this I’m intrigued and I’m also a little smug because you used my pins!!!

  3. coral-seas says:

    Pleased to see that you are nearly there and I’m glad that we are going to get to see it.

  4. looking forward to seeing what it is!

  5. Lady Fi says:

    Wow – you get commissioned to sew?! Good luck with finishing if off in time.

  6. Janice says:

    Well, from what we can see it looks wonderful. I hope your client is happy with the finished article – I’m guessing it is all finished by now – and looking forward to seeing it very soon.

  7. […] putting the fringing on brought the whole thing to life – which goes to show how important the finishing details are […]