Some Thoughts on the Path

Some test stitching for the "path" sections of the parterre. Both of them look a bit busy.

While I’m thinking about the large octagonal borders (they’re proving very tricky to plan!), I’m also thinking about the “path” section. I really like both of these stitches, but they are both much too close in scale to the stitches in the border, and I think they’d be much too busy as well. The path is much the largest area, and I need to keep it from fighting with the borders. There needs to be some calm somewhere!

Several variations of yarn and thickness of thread in a single stitch.

This is more promising, but the lower experiment with lots of different colour combinations and thicknesses is also too busy. I think if I can stretch out the variations to create larger sections and make the colour changes less strident, this might work. The stitch grows quite quickly, as well. I just hope my stash is equal to the task…

I wasn’t intending to start on the path yet, but given the already-referred-to difficulties I’m having with the octagonal borders , I wanted to be making progress somewhere!


  1. Mam says:

    Perhaps you could try putting the mix near the outside edges and have a glow in the centre

  2. Sue Jones says:

    I like the parquet pattern. A slight variation in colour would be welcome. They are usually warm brick colours in old gardens, a range of shades which might bring out the actual patterns of the green/red beds more, rather than the combined effect of them, as there would be less overall contrast to distract the eye. Keep exploring, you will find a perfect solution before long. You could also consider a little velvety moss, or weeds, between the slabs in places…

  3. I think the paths need to be a bit ‘dirty’, with darker brick colours mixed in with a bit of mud and moss/weed…
    The stitch pattern is great, though.

  4. Deborah Parsons says:

    I like the parquet pattern and the colour variation – the stitch seems to cover the canvas better as well.

  5. Carolyn Foley says:

    I like that pattern and I agree that a bit of variation of colour would be a good . It’s terrible when you have difficulty on a part of a pattern, I blame the gremlins.

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