More Experiments with a Parlour Dome

Once I had put together my coiled pot of cord, and, at the very least, I could feel I had something to play with, I had a look at how to assemble the parlour dome display.

Close up picture of the first attempt to make a cushion for the base of the parlour dome. The velvet is not settling down..

I intended to set the pot upon a little velvet cushion; that will give the sense of something “presented” rather than simply stashed away from the dust. Furthermore, I had some cotton velvet in a sort of inderminate brown, taken off a piano stool, which I thought would combine being unobtrusive with being sufficiently present. However, my first attempt to stretch the velvet over the padded card has left me with something that sticks a bit, and raises the card (and thus anything on it) rather further than I anticipated. More thought needed here, I feel.

First assembly of the violets, the beads, and the pot. Not entirely successful..

While that thinking continued, I thought I might as well play with the whole display, to find any other difficulties so that I could think about those as well.

The tea-dyeing has worked, I think: the daisy beads stand out nicely, but it’s not the sort of high contrast that would overwhelm them.

And I think the beads flowing out of the pot and down onto the velvet work as well. The textures and scales seem to be properly in tune with one another.

Second assembly, having shortened the pot.

But I think the pot is too tall, and the violets stick out a bit too much. Violets are “mat forming”, apparently, so I would expect them to follow the contours of the lid a little more closely, shading the beads.. And somehow, with the pot so tall, I feel that the violets can’t breathe.

And indeed, although this photo is rather hurried (you can even see the pin holding the violets in place), I think it shows what I mean. The shorter pot gives the violets more air, and somethow that makes for a pleasanter display.

However, I do still need to find a solution for the Problem Of The Cushion!


  1. Sue Jones says:

    What interesting problems you provide for us to mull over! Yes, I think the beads look excellent spilling out and the pot needs shortening to bring the violets to a level where they can be looked down on through the uncurved glass.
    As for the cushion, maybe making it look intentional by means of something like a narrow bangle around it would help tidy it up? The earthy colour is perfect.

  2. Lin says:

    Definitely the shorter pot and the beads work well. I am not so keen on the cushion which at first glance I took for a cake! I think something greener would work but I am sure you will come up with something. xx

  3. Is it possible to cut out wedges from the velvet so that when pulled to the back the surplus fabric is not too bulky? I like the beads trickling down the basket, they add movement to the display.

  4. Linda says:

    You’ve made the right choices so far, I’m sure you’ll sort out the cushion soon too.

  5. Carolyn Foley says:

    Yes the pot is a bit tall but the beads work well and the cushion needs some work.