Another footstool

Finished Footstool
Finished Footstool

Remember this footstool?

It has a cousin, also worked by Grandmama, which has been working hard as the footrest at my mother’s computer desk, and the stitching of which is past recovery.

So the idea is that I should do a canvaswork panel for it, and Only From Stash. After all, where is the point of having a stash if you don’t make good use of it?

That is all very well – I do have some suitable canvas. Just!

But much of my tapestry wool stash is inherited from others – notice the huge pile of neutrals! – and it might be rather a wild ride to get a 10 x 21 inch piece of sensible 10 count canvaswork out of this selection.

I had intended to do something with Clarice Cliff colours, but as it happens, I don’t have as much leftover of those colours as I thought I had. I’m pretty sure that the pinks won’t figure, and unfortunately the greens are too thin on the ground and too mismatched, as well. Much thought will be needed!

Canvaswork Angel
Canvaswork Angel

While I was thinking about that, however, I also prepared Episode 35, the first SlowTVStitchery video for the new project, the Canvaswork Angel, in which the Christmas Angel is introduced, and there is some discussion of the detrimental consequences of visual confusion and the delaying effect of Doubts.


  1. Sue Jones says:

    Looks like a good winter project, warm on the fingers and easy on the eye. Have a look at some of the old Berlin Work samplers and some of the Berlin pattern sheets on Antique Pattern Library: there are lots of busy, patchwork-style all-over gros point patterns that are great for using up oddments. They’re also hard-wearing a don’t show marks easily.

  2. I love the stool and the angel looks amazing already.

  3. Carolyn Foley says:

    Great project for the cooler weather and foot stools are great to have around the house.

  4. Lady Fi says:

    Love that footstool!

  5. Lin Tarrant says:

    I do love that footstool so it will be good to see it’s cousin. xx

  6. Jen Mullen says:

    There is something about a footstool that speaks of comfort. Your footstool is beautiful and useful, meeting the requirements of William Moriss. I look forward to the next footstool and the completed angel.

  7. It is certainly a good idea to use up stash, as you say, there is no point in having a stash and not use it.
    The angel project is looking good, she has a very rich coat and the background is beautiful, too.

  8. karen says:

    I adore the footstool…….
    as for pink, I quite like pink but appreciate not everyone does, perhaps it could make a tiny cameo appearance? Minimal presence hardly noticeable as it would be surrounded by the wealth of other colour options?