More of Akhenaten’s Accessories

I feel as though I’ve spent as much time on Akhenaten’s accessories as I did on the silver purl loincloth, and tied myself in as many knots as I did when I was doing his wig!

Flail, unsatisfactory

I do hope he starts to approve of my efforts again soon…

When last seen, I was content with the crook, done in alternating blue and gold wire rope, strung on a former made of fuse wire, but I was expressing doubt about the flail.

The gold purl and silk wrapped purl was too frail, and this version, using gold wire rope, was visually too heavy, and much too springy. So I knew that something else would have to be devised, and racked my brains repeatedly for ideas.

The ideas finally came late one night, and – too drowsy to wake up properly and write notes – I fell asleep hoping I wouldn’t have forgotten in the morning.

Beadwork Swipples

Fortunately, I hadn’t!

I’m assured that the word for the parts of a flail that flail is “swipple”, which sounds too outrageously appropriate not to make use of.

The various turquoise beads came from a friend on Instagram, who saw my wrestlings with the armlets and offered some treasures from her stash to assist. After several trials, I settled on a combination of gold and coloured beads, and a particular length of loop.

Crook, Flail And Wristlet

The finished flail has a handle of gold wire rope, a head of gold pearl purl, and four strung bead swipples. In fact, the inner two swipples have different coloured beads to the outer two. This is part of the layering of detail I’m trying to develop with Akhenaten, to help with the impression of rich gorgeousness I want to convey. It might be barely noticeable (although more so in real life), but it will break up what might otherwise look a bit monolithic.

I’ve taken the same approach with the wristlet, which uses silver rough purl (leftover from the loincloth) in combination with a pale pinkish rough purl. Anything single-coloured was too obvious and argumentative, especially as it’s placed right in the centre of his chest, but when I left it out entirely, that looked worse!


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Looks beautiful, Rachel … let’s hope he approves too … :-))

  2. Swipples!!! Oh, I love the English language, don’t you? The piece looks really lovely and your attention to detail is sublime!

  3. Carolyn Foley says:

    I liked the last arm band but I have to admit that the new one sits very well with the flail.

  4. Jen says:

    The swipples! They are a tantalizing element.

  5. Lady Fi says:

    He’s the guy with the best accessories! 😉

  6. Sue Jones says:

    Thank you for “swipples” – a fine word. And a splendidly rich result which balances the crook. I think you have cracked the whip at last.

  7. kathy says:

    I’m so enjoying your beautiful stitchery and luxurious materials on this, and take much pleasure in the notion that “swipples” really are things, how wonderful.
    Thanks for the steer to the Mary Chubb book, now ordered from Amazon, I shall look forward to reading that.

  8. The accessories are gorgeous – and I love the fact that I learn something new on every visit!