Akhenaten’s Face – Again

Needlefelted Faces
Needlefelted Faces

As you may recall, my last attempt at a face for Akhenaten wasn’t entirely successful, so I started again… This time I needlefelted the shapes very fiercely (which I enjoyed more than I expected to!) until they were quite solid and strongly shaped, only to discover that they were far too deep and I had to saw off the back half with a penknife!

Another Face Attempt
Another Face Attempt

Then I stretched another fragment of silk over the top and worked the features.

When you consider how deep the eyesockets are in the felt, I’m a bit surprised that the eyes on this version don’t appear more deep-set, but he does have nice heavy brows, and the rest of the features aren’t too bad..

The face is also as narrow as it appears in that purple watercolour from a couple of weeks ago, so I felt quite optimistic when I turned back to the frame he sits on.

Too Narrow A Face
Too Narrow A Face

However, you can’t say that this face is much better than the apoplectic trumpeter – it has turned out by far too narrow for the space left for it, and I suspect that the detached buttonhole stitch with return used for the wig has done too much damage to the fabric to take it out.

So this is not the one to use, and I have to try again.



  1. Lady Fi says:

    I like the face in the second photo.

  2. chillyhollow says:

    Well, rats. But you’ll conquer this.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I really like the solution of making a needlefelt face first and the eyes are absolutely wonderful …. so take the good stuff and try again .. 🙂

  4. Jen Mullen says:

    It is sometimes hard for our efforts to match our imagination, but you usually get there in the end. 🙂

  5. The needlefelted shape became a good base for the face, all features look good.
    Now you said you enjoyed making it more than you had expected, so there is hope that you will start again with a wider shape to fit the space. The result WILL be great, so don’t give up!

  6. Sheryl says:

    Goodness Rachel, what patience you have. It looks good although you say too narrow, the next try will be perfect.

  7. Sue Jones says:

    I feel your frustration here! You will get there. At least you are getting a lot of needlefelting experience!
    Might it be sensible to cut stiff acid-free card to the outer shape of face-space, to back the needlefelt so it doesn’t get too small and also allowing you to glue down the turn-under of the fabric skin? If you cut a hole in the card under the features, so you can stitch them right through.
    (Please don’t make Ankhenaten’s mouth too pink and dainty, Rachel. It’s a very distinctive part of his face. Get that right, and the rest will fall into place, I think.)

  8. Carolyn Foley says:

    He is in hiding! But watch out, when you least expect it there he will be.

  9. Such an interesting way of making a stumpwork face.

  10. Catherine says:

    The needle-felting sounds like it might be a good way to vent frustration if you need to take a knife to it! I do like the shapes and contours you have created this time. You will work this out Rachel!