Getting started on Akhenaten’s Belt

Trial Run - but Not Happy
Trial Run – but Not Happy

I knew I wanted to fill in the belt with coloured chipwork, but how?

I had started off with the idea of making lotus flower shapes, but very soon became frustrated. I didn’t like the way it was looking, and, adding insult to injury, it was exceptionally fiddly to do.

So, no, think again. It might be possible to do something like this another time, but at the moment I can’t quite think how I would do so!

Scatter Of Coloured Purl
Scatter Of Coloured Purl

The next attempt was to use standard chipwork without attempting to make pictures. I know that the chips are very spread out here, but I began with the coloured purls, scattered across the belt to create a graduated colour effect, which shades from purple in the middle through blue to dark blue-green and light blue-green. The gold background had to wait until I had the colourwork right.

Belt Complete
Belt Complete

Once that was done, I went back and added the gold chipwork. I have four different types of gold purl, some smooth and some rough, so the sparkles would have some variety and colour. I think I’m much more pleased with this, and I will be able to tweak the blue twist to bring it more to the foreground.

14 thoughts on “Getting started on Akhenaten’s Belt

  1. That has worked out very well. Enough variety to be interesting, but no specific pattern to distract from the more important parts of the picture. I think he’ll be extremely proud to wear this belt.

  2. I like your second attempt far better and the balance of the ‘bling’ is just right.

  3. The belt is amazing. I can see what you were doing with the first try, and I liked the designs, but I could also see why you didn’t want it. The finished effort is very realistic, and I had to really look closely to determine that was thread and not beading!

  4. The chip work has worked so well! It is such a lovely effect. It’s a shame your first more ‘patterned’ approach didn’t work, but I do like the belt you have created now.

  5. I do love a bit of bling as you may have noticed! This is delicious Rachel.

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