Finally Finishing The Embroidery on Eve In The Garden of Eden

Coiled Silver Wrapped Strip Added
Coiled Silver Wrapped Strip Added

The Coiled Wrapped Silver Strip finishes off the metal thread frame for the cartouches beautifully. It fits between the rows of crinkle strip and pearl purl, and almost balances on top of the pearl purl, so it’s raised quite high.

And once the first cartouche frame is finished, there’s the second one to do!

Webgimpe Added
Webgimpe Added

Then, finally, the last stage before the adventure of turning it into a box is to add the gold webgimpe, which is a rather stiff woven ribbon.

I know it looks a bit twisted, but the next stage is to block it. Then I have to tackle the question of glue again. It will be a while before I tackle that challenge!

17 thoughts on “Finally Finishing The Embroidery on Eve In The Garden of Eden

  1. The frame looks beautiful.The silver kind of brightens up the whole design. Is there any other option other than glueing? Because it is scary.

  2. I enlarged the first photo – I have never seen anything like the coiled silver strip before. Good luck with the glue – I usually end up with more on me than on the piece of work!

  3. This is such an incredible work of art Rachel! It’s so beautiful. Not sure I’d cope with glue though – good luck!

  4. Wow! The silver really lifts the whole piece into three dimensions. I can’t wait to see it around the book or box or whatever it covers. That will make the spine section look equally gorgeous and rich-looking.

    The only practical alternative to gluing is to make it into a slip-on cover with flaps. I did that for my ‘Curfew must not ring tonight’ cover, with pelmet Vilene behind the embroidered fabric to strengthen it. That worked, but it made the book very thick. I imagine it would not look as good as biting the bullet and gluing it down. I suspect it will go better than you expect.

  5. Amazing work Rachel! It’s really stunning! Have you got lots of experience of using glue? I couldn’t use it on something so beautiful, but I’m sure you will find a way!
    Barbara xx

  6. I just saw you started gluing on Instagram. I hope everything goes well 🙂 The coil looks really pretty.

  7. It’s far more intricate than I imagined the first time I saw it, but it is SO beautifully worked, and a wonderful representation.

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