The Head of Nefertiti – Goldwork Completed

Primary Goldwork
Primary Goldwork

There are small elements of goldwork which I am planning to work last, but most of it, I wanted to put in place first, so that I can be sure that the whole thing remains in balance.

As I’ve mentioned, the framework for the silk is in Ladder Stitch – the whole of the first section redone, as I threatened.

The narrow line around the base is in reverse chain stitch (much easier to work in a frame than the ordinary chain stitch). The coloured bust suggests a gilded inner section for the headdress, and I have yet to decide how to represent that. Maybe gold kid?

The ornament on the front of the headdress looks rather heavier and thicker than the other lines, so I’ve worked it in Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch. I’m a little disappointed with it at present, and wondering whether I need to pick a still heavier stitch – such as the dreaded (not any more!) Plaited Braid Stitch. I’ll decide, I think, when I’ve completed the rest of it.

Trial Weaving
Trial Weaving

So, on to the silkwork. I had a previous, failed print to experiment with, and I’m just as glad I did.

I’m rather underwhelmed by this effect, with the silk woven through the gold. I thought it would allow a subtle glint of gold, but in the end it has simply undermined the effect of the silk. Hmm…

12 thoughts on “The Head of Nefertiti – Goldwork Completed

  1. You could try a thinner silk thread to allow more of the gold to show through.

  2. I agree with Jane, it does look like beads would be glitzy enough to stand up to the goldwork. Impressively neat ladder stitch, Rachel.

  3. I’m loving watching this grow and develop and your thoughts about how to approach it. Your ladder stitch is so lovely and neat.

  4. it’s looking good. Maybe you could do or nue with the silk to allow the gold to glint through?

  5. This is pretty. I have always been fascinated with the ancient Egyptians. Your gold work is very pretty. I look forward to watching your progress.

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