Inspired By Spring Flowers – 3

Four Stitched Panels
Four Stitched Panels

I decided to create a chequerboard effect for the pincushion. The four panels are stab-stitched together with the raw edges visible. I think that makes for an interesting effect, although it can be over-used.

The first panel has a few French Knots, lots of straight stitches, and some singleton scroll stitches around the base of the stems.

The second is lots of French knots, and palmate leaves made of lazy daisy stitches.

The third is primarily lazy daisy stitch, with the flowers made using blanket stitch.

The four panel is feather stitch with French Knots.

The pincushion
The pincushion

The pincushion is only lightly stuffed. I felt that somehow stuffing it to the point of solidity wouldn’t be quite right, although I don’t know why.

In this case I closed the edges with glove stitch. This is really a sort of variant on overcast stitch, so it isn’t difficult, but – even with shaggy bits of embellished fabric appearing around the edges! – it gives a slightly more “finished” effect.

One of those details that most people don’t consciously notice, but it still has an effect…

The Set
The Set

The finished set looks cheerful and springlike, in spite of the increasingly distant relationship between the stitchery and the spring flowers that inspired me.

I’m rather pleased; even if it took me months to find the inspiration, the final result makes me smile!

17 thoughts on “Inspired By Spring Flowers – 3

  1. Very cute set. I like the different stitches and the raised fabric gives it a very interesting look.

  2. Very charming needlework set: as you say, it brings a smile to one’s face, which one needs in these troubled times.

  3. These are perfect! I love everything about this lovely pin cushion – from the use of felt, the beautifully stitched designs and the colors! I think I might find it difficult to stick a pin (or two or three or four) into it!! *smile*

  4. I like your pin cushion very much – pretty and it looks lovely with the set. Nice to use a different stitch to finish it off. xx

  5. It looks wonderful, the whole set does, and I appreciate the details you’ve shared. Sometimes the inspiration is the longest part of the time.

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