So, where had I got to…?

Layout Trial

Layout Trial

Once I’d finished the View of the Excavation, I thought it would be a good idea to see whether the whole Dreams of Amarna project was even remotely on the right track, so I got some mount board cut, and taped the Map and the Excavation around their boards, the two Crests around theirs, and then cut some of the pale turquoise linen for the rectangles around the edge. Then I burrowed into my box of the finished patches and bits – including a couple of yards of kumihimo braid and some beading – and started trying to arrange them to see whether it was going to work.

Panel One

Panel One

I think it may be working!  The colour blocks work beautifully, although the arrangement of the patches I arrived at for the picture above is better than the one in these.

I need to find somewhere else to use the purple-blue of the shadow on the Crock of Gold patch, and the dark fabric behind the Faience Hippotamus.

The Kumihimo braid was intended  to frame the Crest for the Dig panels, but I think it works better in the second panel when I used it to edge the Excavation. So I guess I have to braid some more!



Panel Two

Panel Two

I do think I need to put some texture in to the background of the Excavation. It will help to balance the texture in the Map, and it will create a bit more variation in colour.

Loading the Felucca looks good, and makes a great punctuation mark. The Daisy Beads – well, that’s not the final arrangement – I just need to work out what will be.

And I need to go back to my notebook of ideas, and pick some more patches to do.

However, I do think it is going to look good.



  1. Glenis says:

    I think you’re right. It’s coming together really well – it’s good now, but when you’ve finished (more patches and proper finishing) it will be BRILLIANT.
    So what’s next? ???

  2. Carolyn says:

    I think you are right about needing a bit of extra texture in the background of your evacuation piece. It is starting to come together nicely. Where are you going to hang this?

  3. Penny says:

    ‘good’ is putting it mildly! Its looking wonderful — and its so much fun to see it all come together.

  4. Sue Jones says:

    Yes, it’s suddenly becoming a thing in itself rather than a collection of separate bits. Which must be a very satisfying moment for you. I can’t see why one crest and one main panel can’t have blue braid, while the other two don’t (or have a different braid). If that is what seems right. A little counterpoint is often a nice way to pull things together.
    I can imagine something similar to hippo-background colour in the bottom right of Panel One, with something lighter in the bottom centre, and something pot-shadow blue bottom centre of Panel Two. I’m fascinated to see what you come up with next for it….

  5. It’s really taking great shape, and it’s so interesting to see all the pieces you’ve created together – quite a few old friends there now! I think you’re doing a terrific job.

  6. It’s looking really good – it will be amazing when it is finished!

  7. jenclair says:

    Oh, my–it is fascinating to see all of the all of the pieces on display. It looks like a a museum piece of an archaeological dig. And still in progress!

  8. Anita says:

    It looks amazing.. I followed your progress throughout but forgot that you’ve completed so many parts already.

  9. Wendy says:

    It’s looking good, you’re definitely on the right track

  10. I haven’t seen his from the start, as I’ve only recently “found you”, but it is wonderful to see your work coming together. It is looking amazing!

    Barbara xx

  11. Oops! That should read “I haven’t seen this piece” from the start …..

    Barbara xx

  12. Jillayne says:

    I’d say it looks great – I enlarged the photos, and then enlarged them again – the work is so light and delicate – love it. It’s always interesting to gather the components together to see if you’ve gone in the intended direction, or veered a little – I think you’re spot on!

  13. Lady Fi says:

    Wonderful colour! I think it’s brilliant.

  14. Terrie says:

    Rachel, you made amazing work. Very pretty particularly the persons carrying the “cube”

  15. Janice says:

    This is HUGE Rachel! Having seen the original map in the flesh, and commented at the time how big it was – I didn’t realise that the little figures you’ve been working on recently were on another piece of cloth the same size! And I think the arrangement of the two together works brilliantly. Of all the smaller pieces, for me the great triumph is loading the Felucca. Even viewed at larger size it looks like a photograph. What a trimuph!

  16. Sandy says:

    this is going to be a masterpiece.