Dressing the Second Labourer

Using The Mini-Iron
Using The Mini-Iron

Since I decided after dressing the first labourer that using rectangles of fabric was the way to go, when I started on the second I began by cutting out every bit that I expected to need.

That meant:
two pieces for the legs, a piece for the body of the top, a piece for the section of the top below the waist, a piece for the turban, a piece for the sleeve, and a piece for the cloth thrown over the shoulder.

I bought myself a mini-iron to make the job of folding in the edges easier, lighter, and less perilous. Fortunately there are two more labourers to dress, so I will have plenty of time to improve my skill!

Two Labourers Clad
Two Labourers Clad

The trick to a successful applique is the order in which the elements are layered.

So in this case, the first pieces are the trousers. They are stitched down each side, and tweaked in the middle to create some impression of a body underneath. The bottom edges aren’t held down, so in storage this piece may be a bit delicate.

The turban is done in just the same way as the first one, but this time I used a cream linen thread for the central disc.

The sleeve was next, and then the “skirt” of the top, which is gathered to give it a sense of bulk. It is tethered by the underlayer, but not attached at the bottom edge. The right-hand edge isn’t tethered, either, because in due course the Third Labourer’s clothing needs to fit underneath..

Finally, there was the body of the top, and the fabric thrown over the shoulder. I don’t understand why he didn’t use it to pad his shoulder against the packing case, but the photo says he didn’t!

16 thoughts on “Dressing the Second Labourer

  1. Marvelous job!! They are looking so realistic. What are the actual sizes of these ‘workers’. They look so small and I was thinking how difficult all the placement must be.

  2. That is superb result. I was scrolling down and on first glance, I thought your photo was the actual source photo, it’s that good!

  3. Your second laborer looks amazing! I had scrolled back and read your previous post about dressing them and you’ve really found a way to make them look life-like.

  4. This has worked so beautifully. The drape of the fabrics is marvellous, and the figures are so lifelike.

    How ‘mini’ is a mini iron, exactly….?

  5. Wow ! You are doing a great job dressing up these guys. I love the second guy’s dress,it looks so real .

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