Crazy Canvaswork Cushion – Part 9

Section Fourteen
Section Fourteen

As I mentioned in Part Eight, I gave myself a framework for the patches, alternating crossed, diagonal, and straight stitches.

Looking at the photograph now, there is a slight look of Victorian floor-tiles about  the combination of the blue  and yellow of the previous sections, and the brown and beige of this one.  The proportion of brown isn’t correct for Victorian floor-tiles, but still…

It occurs to me that we might have a lot of fun looking at this cushion when it’s done, looking for other things that it reminds us of!

Caged Rice Stitch
Caged Rice Stitch

I chose a Rice Stitch caged with straight stitches. I suppose this could be regarded as a combination of crossed stitches and straight stitches, which may throw my scheme slightly off-balance. I like it, though – the straight stitches look nicely padded, even though they aren’t, and the rice stitches add texture. I can imagine it looking “floral” in some colour combinations, but in this version, I think it emphasizes the “Victorian Floor Tile” feel I mentioned before.

Section Fifteen
Section Fifteen

I am getting really close to the end now – Section Fifteen is the last but one, as you can see by the square corner. Since I didn’t work on this project over the summer, I’m a bit surprised by that. I wish the project had been as good at stash busting as it has been at growing!

You might have noticed that teal is one of my favourite colours and wondered why you haven’t seen more of it, but my stash is partly inherited and I don’t have very much of some colours.

Double Twill Stitch
Double Twill Stitch

After the complexity of Caged Rice Stitch (which, while fun, is on the complex side!) I went very simple indeed for Section Fifteen – Double Twill Stitch.

So now I need to work out what colour – and what stitch – to use on the last section. And then how to finish the cushion…

Easy, right?

14 thoughts on “Crazy Canvaswork Cushion – Part 9

  1. You’re turning into the final straight with this project, at last. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing unrolled. I do like your caged rice stitch. (It still looks pleasantly floral to me – wallflower red-brown – but not so floral as to be flowery.)
    Isn’t it strange how using stash material for a project never seems to lessen the stash? I often find I need to add a shade or two of new stuff to get the effect I want, and end up with even more stash than I started with. But I tell myself that the stash is there to be a supply of useful materials, ready to hand, it’s not simply a pile of ‘left-overs’ to be used up (or worried about). If I did ever use it all, I’d need to gather a brand new stash!

  2. Oh how I relate to the comment about reducing ones stash. The only way I have been able to reduce my quilting fabric stash is to gift it to my friends and there still seems to be tons of if. I haven’t got the courage to do the same thing with my threads.

    I do like your caged rice stitch. That is one I must try. I gave up on most canvas work years ago because I found it boring, but these stitches are not boring at all.

  3. I think you will have to write a full description of all the stitches and your reasons for using them, so that needlework historians in the future will appreciate your work!!

  4. This is just wonderful! I can’t wait to see it completed. I agree with ‘frayed at the edge’ – a description of stitches and history of the work would be wonderful.

  5. The caged rice stitch is lovely – and I can also see how it could look floral. Reminds me of clematis Montana. But I also like the simplicity of the double twill stitch. So you’ll soon be thinking about the edging!

  6. oh I love this!! The precision and the detail in your beautiful images Rachel….Image number 2 is fabulous.

  7. I like the caged rice stitch – interesting texture from that one. I did a fair bit of canvas-work many years ago and I remember how well I loved the rhythm of certain stitches – your beautiful work takes me back… and I do love your teal!

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