Article In Handmade Living
Article In Handmade Living

Some time ago I worked on a project I couldn’t tell you about, and this is it. There’s a new magazine in the UK – I think this one is issue 4 – which is called “Handmade Living”. It covers a huge variety of subjects, from knitting and embroidery to handmade soap and natural skincare. In order to bring all these subjects together, the editorial team have themes in mind for each issue, and when I suggested a few ideas to the editor, she thought that The Three Hares would fit nicely in the “Folk” theme. The Three Hares is a very old design, so she was absolutely right. It’s appeared all along the Silk Route…

I chose to use several of my favorite stitches, and worked the design as simply as possible. I’ve had a few ideas about using the design to experiment with some of the embroidery and needlework styles I’ve not played with yet – there are plenty of them, after all! – and it seemed sensible to start with a simple technique.

And by the way, if you’ve come to visit my blog after reading the magazine – Welcome! I hope you enjoy what you read…


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  1. Congratulations! I love the way the hares’ ears seem to make a triangle within a circle in the centre of the design. I might just have a go at this!

  2. Can you take another CONGRATULATIONS!! Lovely idea for a magazine and so wonderful that lots of people will get to see your beautiful handwork.

  3. How wonderful Rachel! And the design is perfect in it’s simplicity and execution. You go girl!

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