Dreams of Amarna – The Patches on The Map

After finishing the text and the villages on the Map, I need to decide what to use for the cultivation…  You may recall from my earlier post that I have decided on the stitch I’m going to use – tête de boeuf stitch – but that I’ve not quite worked out what thread to use.


Trial Patches On The Map

Trial Patches On The Map

I’ve stitched a variety of trial patches, using stranded cotton, flower thread, pearl cotton, and several different silks, and now all (all!) I have to do is make a decision. I’ve propped up the fabric in the living room and stand staring at it every chance I get!

So far, I feel sure I won’t be using the pearl cotton (too chunky) or the flower thread (also too chunky), but that leaves me two variegated silks (one pale green shading to pinkish purple and one brighter green shading to terracotta) and two plain silks (one slightly darker than the colour of the fabric, and one the same colour as the stranded cottons I used for the contour lines. I’ve tried very hard to get a photo that does reasonable justice to the various threads and colours, but I don’t think that the one I’ve got here helps very much…

Sorbello Stitch Village

Sorbello Stitch Village

I chose Sorbello stitches to represent the modern villages. These are worked at a very small scale, as you can see from the thread count. Again, had I followed the cartographer’s symbols, I would have used something like Jacobean Couching, but I felt that this stitch in fact reflects the idea of buildings rather better. I’ve used the same gold-shading-to-purple thread for all the modern villages, both the names and the associated areas. It doesn’t draw the eye, in real life, quite as much as you might expect.





  1. karen says:

    decisions, decisions. Having the work ”there” to keep looking at definitely helps, just give it time. says me!! meeting myself comong back!

  2. Lady Fi says:

    Wow – tiny stitching! Must be difficult to stitch a whole map!

  3. Janice says:

    Oh wow! Really coming to life now. Such a lot of work in the preparation. It will be such an achievement when this is complete.

  4. This is going to be a work to look into, so much detail.

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