Finally! Crazy Paving Canvaswork finished!

Finished Form Cushion
Finished Form Cushion

In fact, it was finished a long time ago, and somehow I didn’t get around to writing it up…

Not that there is much to say. All of the interest (almost!) was documented in the stitching.

The old form has been scraped, holes filled, sanded, and repainted, and the cushion is a simple shape, tidied up with piping cord.

Backing Fabric
Backing Fabric

Some of the interest, in fact, is in the backing fabric. It’s an unremarkable jacquard woven pattern in cotton on a synthetic warp, but the design – rather ironically, since I’m card-blind for all practical purposes! – is a design of suits I created during my MSc in Textile Design Technology. It’s clunky, and not well-differentiated, but it was the first time I designed a jacquard pattern. The only time, too, but it was fun while it lasted, and I’m glad I asked the technician to weave a half-metre for me instead of the 10 cm that was all that was needed for the module.

12 thoughts on “Finally! Crazy Paving Canvaswork finished!

  1. Reading your blog is very educational. I learned that ‘form’ is a kind of bench.
    Then I have been admiring your various canvas patterns on this crazy quilt cushion, I read a few of the past blog posts, too, to see how you stream stretched the canvas and stapled it to stay put.
    Nice work for a nice finish.

  2. Nice to see the bench top in all its glory – and what a very good thing you had enough of that highly personal fabric for the backing. Far more interesting than something off a roll in the fabric shop. The subtle jaquard pattern lifts the fabric without overshadowing the canvaswork.

  3. I love it – the colours are wonderful, and what a great backing fabric. All filled with memories!

  4. What a lovely piece of canvaswork and it’s good to see it finished and used in such a practical way. I had no idea of your education or that you designed fabric! For what it’s worth, as a first attempt I think it’s brilliant and it’s good to see you putting it to use.

  5. I like this work and such a good idea to make a cushion for this unusual bench. I remember my mum making a long narrow bench like this one for the garden so many years ago but without embroidery of course.

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