The Head of Nefertiti – continuing progress

Necklace and Polychrome Bands
Necklace and Polychrome Bands

So this is where we left the Head of Nefertiti. the polychrome bands and the gold edges of the headdress are done, and I have worked a section of necklace.

I keep flip-flopping between feeling that that section of necklace is just right, and feeling that it really isn’t enough at all. I like the sense of a delicate flash of colour barely surviving the years, but at the same time, there’s an inner glitter-girl that wants to see a bit more than that..

Gold Browband
Gold Browband

So, while I think a little more about the necklace question, I thought I’d make another attempt at the browband. This time it is simply straight stitches, in a slightly finer thread than the rest of the gold stitching. It’s not perfectly regular, but, again, the slight unevenness evokes the damage of the years.

And besides, by now, you must know that regularity of stitching is not my forte!

Is it done yet?
Is it done yet?

So, again, I find myself at a pause.

I’m happy with the browband, I think, definitely happy with the polychrome bands, and the gold trim.

However, I’m still not sure whether I’m happy with the necklace.

Since my thought is to quilt a pattern into the background, I had best be certain that I’m happy before I start attaching padding and picking patterns!


12 thoughts on “The Head of Nefertiti – continuing progress

  1. I’ll add my vote to the ‘it’s right’ brigade, but at the end of the day you have to be happy so ponder a while, and don’t us sway you from what you want 🙂

  2. I differ on the necklace, I would like to see it finished. The detail on the head dress is finished so I think the necklace would have survived as well.

  3. I clicked to enlarge it twice, and I do quite like it as is. A few sparkly beads might give you more of a feel of richness on the necklace – maybe gold bugle beads? But I don’t at all think they are needed. I do like your stitching on the brow band. Perfect color.

  4. I am not sure either but I do like the idea of adding just a few beads/embroidery to suggest the lost bits of necklace. rowband looks great. xx

  5. Looks spot on to me. More necklace would take away the delicacy, I think. The new browband is just right, a great improvement, and it balances the understated necklace and the visual weight of the headdress, while leaving the face as the main point of interest.

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