Harrogate Haul..

The Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate is my main opportunity to stock up on thread, fabric, materials and oddities.

Yes, I know we all buy online these days, but so often I am looking for something slightly obscure, or I know what I want to achieve, but not how. The opportunity to look and feel before buying, and to talk to the specialist suppliers who are there, is absolutely invaluable.

Flat Silk for Necklace Embroidery
Flat Silk for Necklace Embroidery

This time I was semi-organised, and as soon as I arrived, I went to Midori Matsushima’s stand with a shopping list of colours for the Faience Necklace designs, when I get to them. I’m hoping that now I have the silks I will have an incentive to pull my ideas into focus, because I feel that the Dreams of Amarna panels need more colour in them.

Felt and Thread
Felt and Thread

I also bought some wool felt and silk threads, some because I have plans for it, and some to have something frivolous to do. I still have a couple of those wooden pots to put pincushions in…

This slightly less dense felt – some from 20th Century Yarns and some from Oliver Twists – is much easier to stitch than the dense felt sold to crafters which is stocked everywhere. I also like the somewhat rougher texture.

Silk fo Spinning
Silk for Spinning

I went to a workshop introducing wet felting, which I am planning to use as the initial colour blocking for the “Vision of Placidus” panel, but what I actually bought was more silk to spin into thread for the second layer. I’ll have to wait until the sore elbow and shoulder have healed, but this is something I can do in preparation for the project while I’m still working on the Dreams of Amarna. I’m thinking about Placidus quite a lot in my odd moments!

A good reference book
A good reference book
Blanket Selvedge
Blanket Selvedge

Finally, I bought a book – only one, but it’s a cracker! – and a ball of wool selvedge, for purposes that will remain a mystery for now…

16 thoughts on “Harrogate Haul..

  1. I know what you mean about felt – it’s not always easy to get just the right feel.

    Lived those 21st century yarn giodies too, but I resisted. I only bought one thread this year. Looking forward to having time to catch up on my blogging!

  2. What a pity “stump work” sounds so unappealing, when it produces such engaging results! Looks like a good haul!

  3. gorgeous silks and other goodies to play with! looking forward to seeing what you do with them all 🙂

  4. Looking wistfully at the silk and thinking that it might be just as well I couldn’t get to Harrogate, with my current shortage of cash. Far too tempting! I am bemused by the ball of wool selvedge, but I am sure you’ll do something fascinating with it.

  5. I’m joning the others, that silk looks delicious. But then again I like the threads and the felt. Great shopping.

  6. Sadly not able to get to the K&S this year although my bank balance is much healthier for it! But I do agree, as much as I buy a lot on line, there is nothing like being able to see and touch. The silks look gorgeous! I bought a piece of OT’s felt last year and it is lovely. Lucky to get hold of a copy of that book. Have fun with all your purchases.

  7. What a lovely ‘haul’ from the show! I always love events like this, and as long as I am very strict with my spending, it is a wonderful way to find suppliers, see materials and get those creative juices going! Isn’t that stumpwork book amazing. Definitely worth the purchase.

  8. Oh there is nothing more ‘delicious’ than shopping for yarn or threads. All the colors just fill me with ‘greed’ — yes, I want them all!!!

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