Jacobean Coat – central section

Magic Chain and Trellis Couching
Magic Chain and Trellis Couching

This central spray is just above the blue leaves.

The blue buds are outlined in Chain Stitch and decorated with Trellis Couching, and then, in a final bit of frivolity, the stems uses Magic Chain Stitch. I’ve often wanted to use it, and never really had the space before. Achievement, unlocked!

The cream leaves (from some felted gloves!) are couched with Open Cretan Stitch, and the stem – where there is one – is in Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch.

You can also see the final version of the two leaves at the bottom, which are just above the blue ones. I’m not quite sure what stitches I used in the end, because I was beginning to create odd little mash-ups of my own!


We’ve assumed that the odd element on Grandmama’s embroidery is a butterfly perching on a flower, so that’s what I’ve made it into here, tweaking and altering the pattern as I worked.

The upper wings, in felt, are ornamented with one of the knotted feather stitch variations – I think, Mountmellick Stitch – but then, I simply started to play with needlelace stitches to create more interesting and varied effects.

It’s all been rather fun…..

10 thoughts on “Jacobean Coat – central section

  1. This is such a fun piece to see come together! I am in love with the butterfly; so cute with the needlelace. And the couches trellis looks pretty too!

  2. This is really coming along so well! I love how all the pieces are coming together. I’ve never heard of magic chain stitch – I need to look that up!

  3. Oh, magic chain! What fun to find a perfect excuse to use it. And what a happy coat it is, I hope you will post some pictures of it being modelled in all its splendour.

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