Head of Ankhsenpaaten – progress


There is relatively little to say about Ankhsenpaaten, because the form will be created with loads of seed stitches in slightly different shades of silk thread, so there will simply be more of the same.

However, you may find it interesting to watch it come into focus, so I will post a series of pictures, along with what comments I feel I can make.

Do click on the pictures for a closer view, and a better sense of what is happening.

Eye Socket
Eye Socket

You can see from the earlier post that I only transferred the most basic of outlines, so I am using the photograph as my reference and working the various shades over one another to develop the layers of colour and shade.

I have started by trying to understand the most basic  planes of the face and the shades needed to bring them alive.

Complete First Layer
Complete First Layer

I tend to find it much easier to get my bearings if I can get some of the darker areas in, because that gives me the beginnings of a sense of depth and form. It is, however, a slightly terrifying approach, because there’s something so very definite about a truly Dark dark!

One of the shades of silk is very close to the fabric, but there is just enough difference that the light bouncing off it creates a sense of difference between inside the lines and outside the lines.

13 thoughts on “Head of Ankhsenpaaten – progress

  1. Very clever! Amazing what “shading” can do – similar to watching a portrait taking place in pencil, but you’re using thread!!

  2. I liked seeing the three progress pictures. I can imagine the dark part would be a little scary, and you’d have to stand back or hold it at arm’s length every few stitches. It looks definitive and your work is excellent, as always.

  3. I love the way it appears to be gradually coming into focus and the seeding stitches work really well, giving the perfect amount of shading and texture without standing out as stitches in their own right.

  4. It is coming along very well. There may not be much to say, but it’s fascinating to watch things growing. Tell us about the silk you are using, and let us see the colours, too. Always a pleasure to drool over photos of luscious threads!

  5. Such a clever way to shade and give your sense of texture that you are after as well. It is incredibly effective and is coming along very nicely!

  6. I really enjoy watching how your projects gradually come to life. It must be difficult doing the stitching with the silks varying so little in tone and I suppose you have to look from arm´s length to appreciate the shades while working , difficult.

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